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Sleipnir 1.0, another browser for the iPhone


Sleipnir is a project that has been around for quite some time in Windows environments and whose greatest asset lies in the multiple customization and personalization options of this browser. A multitude of plugins, visual aspects and the possibility of creating a browser practically to your measure. If I remember correctly it is based on Webkit , but it is possible by adding a plugin to have Gecko to render the pages. All this in the desktop version, in the version mobile they have added many tab management options , several areas to keep them open and reload them in different groups separated by colors. There’s also a really nice dock to use for jumping between tabs and quite a few more options like a very complete bookmark management . Special mention for the full screen navigation in landscape mode which makes it very nice to see the pages if you have an iPhone 4 as it squeezes the maximum out of its Retina Display.

Sleipnir 1.0, another browser for the iPhone
Sleipnir 1.0, another browser for the iPhone

Also the application is free , so you will have one more browser to surf on the iPhone, it is really worth downloading it, in my case I have them organized in a “Browsers” folder next to Opera and iCab Mobile.

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