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SlatePro, the good geek’s desk


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SlatePro, the good geek’s deskSlatePro, the good geek’s desk

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This is the desk that the good fanboy needs and has to have in his home or office : the SlatePro. It is a desk designed for Apple products. The table itself comes with several grooves each for a different use: there is the iPhone groove, a kind of dock embedded in the table, the same as the iPad groove, with a hole included to be able to pass the USB cable.

It also has the cup groove , very important. Any self-respecting blogger or writer should have 24/7 a cup on the table on the cork surface intended for it. It does not lack the space for analogical technologies such as the typical magazine rack and pens and pencils. It also includes a soft spot to make using the mouse more comfortable.

What I find most interesting – irony mode off – are the holes on the board – and the glass – in the computer area. This fulfills two design functions: the first is to keep the MacBook ventilated by circulating the air underneath, and the second is the arrangement of the cables which can easily be hidden under the table.

Don’t hesitate to ask me to go to the nearest sawmill to get some wood and make the multipurpose grooves and ventilation holes, because given the price… Right now the table designed by iSkelter is in the crowdfunding phase at Kickstarter, being able to contribute 400 dollars -plus 128 international shipment- to be able to receive it in July. Considering that the final retail price will be $700 , it’s not a bad deal, is it?