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Skitch, getting closer to its launch


The different releases of the program have always been in beta mode, but it seems that soon we’ll see the final version of the tool, since in their page they announce that the version they just released will be the last one before the big release of Skitch. As we already made a “In Depth” entry about Skitch, I’m sending you to it so that those of you who haven’t tried it can see how much it has to offer.

Skitch, getting closer to its launch
Skitch, getting closer to its launch

Skitch has been free all this time, and I imagine it will remain so when version 1.0 is released. However, in its release we will see new workflows, as well as a new interface that, if it is like the teaser they have published in their page and you can see right after the jump, it looks very good. Well, I’ll wait impatiently for their release to see what they have to offer.

Since what was promised is debt, here’s the trick. If we are editing an image in a heavy design package, such as Photoshop, and we want to upload a low quality image to an internet forum or send it by mail, it is much faster to make a screenshot with Skitch and use the webpost option or drag and drop it to the desired location, respectively. I do it all the time and I think it saves me a lot of time. That’s the great thing about this tool, that we can do many things very quickly.

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