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Skipping Protected Content When Playing DVDs

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It gets on my nerves and I have to swallow each and every trailer, information that piracy is a crime, etc. without being able to skip it. Well, that was until now. Information that is blocked by UOPs, User Operation Prohibitions, can be skipped with the fast forward button. We’ll just have to modify the MAC OS X DVD player. In this website you will find all the information needed to patch the program and remove this annoying blocking.

Skipping Protected Content When Playing DVDsSkipping Protected Content When Playing DVDs

It basically consists of running a script and entering the administrator’s password. And that’s it, the MAC OS X DVD player will let us skip the information quietly or go to the main menu of the DVD. That’s what we gain in health. If you are worried about it, you should also know that the process is reversible, because in the same .dmg file you will find the script that does the opposite operation, that is, leaving everything as it was. I have tried it and it works as it says.

Also in the same site you will find a link to a method to be able to play DVDs from other regions, but I haven’t tried it since it involves changing the firmware of the DVD player, so I don’t know if that method works or not. Changing the firmware of the player is a bit risky, so I don’t recommend it.

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