Six tricks to save data on iPhone and iPad during the vacations

¿Te vas de vacaciones con tu iPhone? Aquí tienes unos consejos de seguridad

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Six tricks to save data on iPhone and iPad during the vacations
Six tricks to save data on iPhone and iPad during the vacations


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Our data rate is the one that suffers the most when we go on a trip, it is true that we already enjoy free roaming throughout Europe for example, and that many users have very high data rates. But even so, everything we normally do at home with Wi-Fi, will now go through our operator . That’s why it’s essential to configure a couple of options in iOS to avoid surprises.

  • Disables automatic app updates: Downloading apps is one of the things that consume more data, to prevent our iPhone or iPad from downloading the applications in the background if there is an update, we must configure it from Settings> iTunes and App Store> Use mobile data.
  • Download your music from Apple Music: Your music from Apple Music is streamed, unless you download offline the charts, albums or artists that interest you most. Just click on the cloud icon with a down arrow next to each list, artist or album.
  • Download Netflix Movies: Just like music, if we play Netflix movies and series our fee will not last, it is better to download a repertoire of movies and series before leaving home. At Xatakamovil they have a good guide on how to do this both from Netflix and other online video platforms.
  • Prevents the photo library from synchronizing without Wi-Fi: Every photo we take (and on vacations we take many) is automatically uploaded to iCloud, but we can prevent it from doing so with mobile data by accessing Settings , Photos , Mobile data
  • Download offline maps:As we saw at the time, Google Maps allows us to download offline maps of areas we are going to visit so that we do not need an Internet connection when browsing.
  • Avoid the automatic playback of videos in apps: The App Store or Safari for example play us your videos automatically. We can disable this functionality to avoid consuming unnecessary data.

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