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Six things about the Samsung Galaxy S8 I’d like to see on the next iPhone

What has to be this year’s quintessential Android terminal is already on everyone’s lips. The Samsung Galaxy S8 was launched yesterday and everyone wants to touch it for whatever reason. Samsung has made a move, and now it’s Apple’s turn with that “iPhone Edition” that so many rumors are talking about.

Presumably we won’t see it until autumn, so there’s time to think: what can Apple have in mind to counteract? Here are my bets.

An infinite screen and AMOLED

Six things about the Samsung Galaxy S8 I’d like to see on the next iPhoneSix things about the Samsung Galaxy S8 I’d like to see on the next iPhone

I don’t care if the number of dots per inch doesn’t increase because the retinal screens are there precisely to tell us that we don’t need them. So unless the next iPhone can be used as virtual reality glasses, what I’d most like to see is an iPhone with a front that barely has any frames. The sensations I had with the LG G6 at the Mobile World Congress are still fresh.

Besides, although I have no complaints with the iPhone 7 screens, I think it would be time to change the technology to have an AMOLED screen.

Bluetooth 5

The possibilities of this new generation of the Bluetooth standard are enormous: four times the range, twice the data rate … Apple has always been one of the first to implement new wireless communication technologies and this time Samsung has been a step ahead. The next iPhone should be the pioneer of this technology for the devices of the bitten apple.

Iris or facial recognition

People are finding it uncomfortable that Samsung has moved its footprint sensor to the back of the Galaxy S8. So I simply ask that Apple save us this by installing a good eye or face recognition sensor to authenticate us. With good depth sensors, so that people cannot unlock our terminals by putting a picture of us in front of their cameras.

As for the touch sensor, it should still be there but hidden under the screen. Having to move your hand in order to put your finger behind it is, in my opinion, a backward step.

iOS 11 has to go further

iOS 11 has to stop being focused on purely mobile systems . I think, in fact, that maybe Apple is reserving the arrival of the next iPad Pro for the WWDC and thus show a much more advanced iOS 11 that competes side by side with macOS. Seeing how we can connect the Galaxy S8 to a Dock and a monitor to use it as a desktop system, it is already urgent that iOS takes a step towards being the system that can handle everything.

Even more emphasis on the camera

It is the strong point of the iPhone : its camera. The Plus model has sold more for having the double camera. So… What is Apple going to do to keep that advantage with the next generation? If this last year we have been conquered by the portrait mode, what is next? At Cupertino they already know better than anyone that adding more megapixels doesn’t help.

Effective wireless charging

Lord Lucan Lives

That doesn’t require a flying saucer the size of a ping-pong racket at home and that works as transparently as possible. Basically, that when we’re at home we don’t have to worry about whether the phone is charging or not . It would already be doing so automatically. Difficult, but seeing how technology advances lately I refuse to consider it impossible.

At Apple