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Siri, you help to better understand your personal assistant

The truth is that I love Siri, I think it’s a revolution. Although it is something that appeared in iOS 5, it is now when we Spanish speakers can enjoy it and the truth is that it has a lot of juice. The good thing about this personal assistant is that you can have a “fairly normal” conversation with him and he is more than likely to understand and interpret correctly everything you say to him.

Siri, you help to better understand your personal assistant
Siri, you help to better understand your personal assistant

But it’s not perfect, let’s remember that is still in Beta phase and suffers from certain logical flaws. Many times these mistakes are caused by ourselves, since we do not provide the necessary intonation to our question (yes, it interprets intonation quite well). But it never hurts to know certain guidelines that help us to interact better with Siri.

One of the aspects that I have discovered relatively recently, and which is really useful, is the possibility of creating links with our contacts . We will be able to tell Siri who our mother, our father, or our siblings or partner is. This will help us when doing tasks with them. “George is my brother” “Send a message to my brother” .

At first, you must feel strange, you don’t know very well what Siri is capable or not capable of. The best thing then is to ask directly “What can you do?” Siri will then give us a list of everything she is capable of doing, helping us to get a general idea of what this personal assistant is capable of.

When sending emails, we can directly define the subject of the email from the beginning. “Send mail to (name of contact) on (subject of mail)” It will automatically start creating a mail and we can dictate the body of the mail to it.

Another interesting aspect is the locations. We can locate ourselves, simply by asking Siri “Where am I?” She will show us on maps the exact point where we are. We can also locate contacts from our address book, but not beyond their physical address.

Something more obvious, and which I’m sure many of you have already used, is to look for restaurants or addresses. “Search…” adding what we want, will show us on the map its location and then define a route to it. “Search on the Internet…” this way we can tell Siri to look for information on the network of networks.

We can create alarms, activate them, deactivate them, modify them… “Create alarm at seven in the morning” “Deactivate all my alarms” “Bring forward the seven half-hour alarm…” “Activate timer five minutes”

We can also run applications that we have installed on our phone. For example, saying “iPod” will let us play music by choosing the disc or music group we want or by starting a specific playlist.

The reminders, notes are fully accessible from Siri “See my reminders” “Remind me to call my mother tomorrow at nine” (here it will also create an alarm). “Create a new note” “Reminder, modify lighting project for San Mames Berria” will help us create in one stroke everything we need to remember.

Of course, we can also create routes through Flyover “How to get to the Guggenheim Museum” will ask us which museum exactly we are looking for and after defining it, Flyover will start to take us to it.

Siri’s possibilities are immense “Wikipedia…” to search for things in it , for example. And time will make it gain more and more functionality. I’m sure you have found some trick that is not in these lines, What are you waiting for to share it with all of us?

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