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Siri will provide personalized recommendations for workshops conducted by Apple

Yesterday Apple surprised with the launch of betas for developers on a day when it is not usual. Among these releases was the third beta of iOS 12.2, which introduces more visual innovations as well as other more technical as the expected correction of the bug that brought WiFi and LTE connection problems to some users.

Another new feature found in this beta version is the addition of Siri suggestions for the Apple Store application . These new suggestions will inform us about Apple workshops that might be of interest to us.

Siri will provide personalized recommendations for workshops conducted by AppleSiri will provide personalized recommendations for workshops conducted by Apple

The Apple Store application, not to be confused with the App Store, is the mobile version of the classic Apple store. Through this app you can make product purchases as well as sign up for workshops that the company organizes in its physical stores . These have a wide variety of topics ranging from the simplest to teach the basic features of an iPhone to the most advanced like using professional tools on a Mac.

Source: 9to5Mac

Apple seems to be in the process of improving and expanding these workshops, which it calls “sessions” and which can be found in the Apple Store application in a tab with the same name. Among the company’s efforts for this service, a new feature has been created for Siri in which it will send us personalized notifications about the sessions available in the closest stores .

In the iOS 12.2 beta we can see how by going to Settings> Siri and Search> Apple Store we find a new switch that allows us to “find interests in other applications”. This means that Siri will analyze the applications we use as well as the use we make of Safar i in order to give us recommendations on Apple shops.

An example of this new functionality that Siri will be equipped with can be given if we use a professional photo application a lot. In that case Siri would detect it and notify us about an advanced photo session that would be soon given in a nearby Apple Store.

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This is certainly an interesting development, although it is obviously only one of many things that Siri has to improve. It seems that the company might be preparing a change in the assistant with the arrival of iOS 13 . We will have to wait to see if this finally happens and what that change will be about. I’m sure that John Giannandrea, Apple’s Vice President of Artificial Intelligence who has been working on improving Siri since last year, could be partly to blame.

What do you think about this new feature of iOS 12.2? What other custom suggestions would you expect from Siri? Tell us in the comments.