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Siri will not use native applications by default

Something that Apple has been criticized a lot in the last years is that Siri is too closed , forcing you to always use Apple’s native services by default like iMessage or Apple Music if you didn’t specify another one in the order. This will change completely later this year with a software update as revealed by Bloomberg using company employees as a source.

From this update, Siri will better interpret the order we are giving and will use the most appropriate application to comply with what we are asking. By this we mean that Siri will know our favorite applications and will know if we always communicate with WhatsApp or Telegram or with iMessage.

Siri will not use native applications by default
Siri will not use native applications by default

For example, if our favorite communication application is WhatsApp, when we give the command ‘send a message to Alvaro’ l or it will be done through WhatsApp and not iMessage. Until now, if we wanted to use a specific app we had to indicate this in the order, otherwise it would use the default app which is Messages or Apple Music.

This is certainly great news as more and more third party applications are available on the App Store to replace the functions of Apple’s native apps. That’s why we don’t understand that Siri is programmed to use native apps by default if in our day to day life we don’t use them or we don’t even have them installed. From the end of the year we can ask you to play a song without specifying since which app to do so because Siri will know that Spotify or Tidal is our favorite service for that task.

We believe that this intelligence should have arrived several generations ago but in the same way we celebrate that at last Apple has finished implementing it . Now it has the arduous task of getting users to use their native apps in a preferential way and this is done by developing a more productive mail manager or Maps that offer better directions and more warnings of events on the road, to name a few examples.

With this movement Apple also aims to avoid accusations of monopoly on apps . Now all services will be able to enter Siri by default fighting on the same conditions. Until now Apple played an important window because Siri had its own apps as default without the option to change it.

We don’t have a specific update date, but we hope that by December we will have this function active in our personal assistant, something that will make us use Siri much more.

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