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Siri will improve your pronunciation in iOS 8.3

A week ago we showed you some of the new features that iOS 8.3 will incorporate, today thanks to 9to5Mac we have discovered a new improvement, it is Siri, and it is that the Apple assistant will improve its pronunciation of certain words at least in its English version. This has been compared thanks to a video.

In the video we can hear Siri speaking in iOS 8.1.1 first and in the beta of iOS 8.3 later. The pronunciation improvement is audible for words like “potato” or “America” and for now we don’t know if there will be an improvement for Siri in the English version or in some other language.

Siri will improve your pronunciation in iOS 8.3Siri will improve your pronunciation in iOS 8.3

As we can see, Apple continues to improve its famous iOS assistant. Siri came in English to our devices together with iOS 5 and it was not until iOS 6 that we could use this assistant in Spanish. Since then updates have made Siri a much more complete assistant by allowing you to take notes by voice, send tweets or even ask it to show you the movie listings or scores of your favorite sports teams.

iOS 8.3 is expected to be the last major update before iOS 9 , although there are rumours that Apple is already working with a version 8.4 of the system. It should be remembered that the most current version released so far is iOS 8.1.3, so iOS 8 still has a long way to go before iOS 9, which will possibly be released in October this year.