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Siri, today on the iPhone, tomorrow in the world

Siri, el nuevo asistente personal del iPhone 4S que entiende lo que dices

Considering that it has finally been proven that the iPad 2 is actually faster than the iPhone 4S and has the same memory, I can’t think of any reason why Apple would limit the operation of Siri, the voice assistant for the iPhone 4S , to the new phone only. Okay, yes, I can think of one: marketing. In the countries where it will be available since its launch (USA, UK, Australia, France and Germany) Siri will be a convincing sales argument and Apple always has the excuse of the beta cartel to argue the delay of its arrival to other devices.

Siri, today on the iPhone, tomorrow in the world
Siri, today on the iPhone, tomorrow in the world

However, I have no doubt that the iPhone is just the beginning. Siri has enough potential to go much further. On the iPad it would have an immediate utility, because unlike the voice control system of the old iPhone 4, Siri really allows you to use the device even more easily. Perfect for the elderly, a must for the blind, and amazing enough to make friends.

But in the medium term it’s not going to stay there. The jump from Siri to Mac , either as an OS X Lion update or as a feature of the next cat, is not clear, it’s crystalline. So is the important role it can play in our living room by allowing us to interact with the Apple TV to perform all sorts of tasks without requiring any annoying peripherals such as a controller, keyboard or mouse. Siri could always be listening, waiting for us to pronounce the magic word (her name perhaps) to switch to an active mode where she processes our requests. It sounds like something out of a science fiction movie, but the future will be present before we know it.

A curiosity: Surely you have seen this video from 1987 about the Knowledge Navigator, the way Apple believed it would be the future. The interesting thing is that the date on the teacher’s calendar is September 16, and when you look at a five-year old newspaper, you see one dated 2006, so they are supposed to be in 2011… September 16, 2011. In other words, Apple predicted 24 years ago a touch device with a voice assistant capable of performing complex tasks… and was only wrong for less than a month.

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