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Siri still not working well

“Oye Siri, bienvenida al Mac”, una selección de lo más útil que podrás pedir al asistente

  • “Siri, what are my appointments for tomorrow?”
  • “Jose, this is what I found on the internet” (followed by…)
  • You know that experience, right? Siri is a great product that has remained, for some reason that escapes us, halfway through and many of us have relegated it to elementary functions such as making calls, knowing the weather forecast or setting the timer when we are in front of the fire. But little else…

    Siri still not working well
    Siri still not working well

    Is this really the scope of an A.I. based system? Walt Mossberg’s accurate critique of the voice assistant has reminded us that one of the star products of the Apple ecosystem is being underused, and it’s a real shame.

    In the end, it does not compensate for certain functions

    The example with which we have opened the article is just as classified as it is unfortunately frequent: Siri often doesn’t understand the locution of what we’re saying and answers with something that has nothing to do with it. Where are you going, I’m bringing apples. But the problem is that on many other occasions he understands the command (and transcribes it correctly), but the system fails .

    Yes, you may be thinking that failure is of no consequence, but… is this really so? If we tell you to add an appointment to the calendar and the server is not operational, you will force us to use the screen. This only needs to happen once more for us to consider whether it makes sense to use the wizard to add an appointment. That is, the time lost with the failed experience will be greater than the savings from using Siri , at least in perceived values.

    Why doesn’t it get better?

    Several years have passed since Apple introduced the voice assistant on the iPhone and although it is true that in each keynote Californians incorporate new integrations, they do not finish solving the main obstacle that presents Siri: the reliability , understood not only in the recognition itself, but in the operation of the system.

    But Mossberg also puts the focus on another aspect to consider: Siri’s rivals are indeed improving their performance significantly. In fact, this can be proven in Google’s own app for iOS, but the most obvious demonstration was seen (at least in the form of a presentation) in the official announcement of the Pixel with integrated Google Assistant.

    In fact, the turning point where Siri and the other voice assistants succeed will come when it takes us less net time (eliminating errors) to execute a task using voice than the mobile screen. And unfortunately, we are still too far from that.

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