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Siri, go start the car.

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This is the case of the owner of the user Brandon Fiquett, who has managed to interact with his car using Siri thanks to a modification he made to the assistant. With voice commands he can start or stop the car, as well as activate or deactivate the lock.

Siri, go start the car.
Siri, go start the car.

In addition to getting this kind of advantage with his car, Fiquett has also been able to add voice commands to tell his mac to play “the new chapter of the Dexter series”, or “the fifth chapter of the first season of Once Upon a Time” using the Plex player. These are isolated events that require good programming knowledge to be able to hack into Siri, but Apple should pay attention to what the users themselves are willing to do using this wizard . You have more videos of Brandon’s achievements after the jump.

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