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“Siri, find me the best bargains.” Hunting for bargains

Friend, what a week… The pulse between the FBI and Apple has not managed to completely throw us off, and it seems they haven’t managed to do so either with the great Mark Gurman, who has grabbed the microphone and released all the talent inside. Of his predictions, which this week have been a few, we are left with the predictable arrival of Siri to OS X , a qualitative leap in the platform and a step towards the necessary and usual convergence. What is the first thing we could ask him? To find us some bargains! like the ones we offer you below.

  • We are a little nervous about the imminence of the keynote, and we are sure that it will talk about the Apple Watch, either to present its expected new version, or to know the sales figures. But if you don’t want to wait any longer to finally get one, at mResell we have found this 42 mm Sport for 319 euros and in guarantee.
  • For lovers of photography on the iPhone, it would be good not to miss this opportunity: Relight, the retouching application, has lowered its price to 0.99 euros.
  • In Macníficos it seems that they want to make a hole in the store, since iMacs are being sold at considerable discounts, and in particular you can get a 21.5-inch Core i5 for 1,193.99 euros.
  • And we are not leaving Macníficos because they wanted to get a thermostat connected and could not find the excuse, now is your time: for 139.90 euros you can get one of Netatmo.
  • For those who want to access the world of the iPhone and do not want to be ruined in the attempt, in mResell we found a 4s of 8GB in guarantee for 149 euros.
  • Keeping track of expenses is always complicated, and it’s a good thing we have applications for that, such as Money Pro, which has been reduced to 0.99 euros.
  • At FNAC we have found a very good price for an iPad: it is an Air 2 64 GB wifi for 530.10 euros.
  • And we’re not leaving FNAC because the French giant is celebrating tech partner day today and tomorrow with a 15% discount on all purchases, including Apple products.
  • For those of you in the mood to party, you’ll be glad to know that Gearbest offers this illuminated Bluetooth speakerphone at a discount of $23.34.
  • At Worten we find all HP products reduced by 15%, which is a great opportunity to buy a printer, such as this Envy 5540 multifunction printer for 84.99 euros.
  • We return for a moment to Gearbest because, now that we are a little closer to summer, it can be a good occasion for solar charging your iPhone with this charger that you can purchase for $18.74.
  • Let’s relax with some music, because in iTunes you can find a wide range of albums mastered for just 3.99 euros.
  • If what you need is a monitor, in PCComponentes we have found this Samsung LED 22 inches for 109 euros.
  • The iPhone 5c can be purchased from Rakuten for 295 euros with free shipping. However, the 16 GB version, for those who do not need much storage.
  • And if storage space is not really a problem, we continue at Rakuten to offer you a 16GB mini iPad for 279 euros.
  • iDownloadblog

    En Apple
    We love the iPad Pro but we know that price can be an obstacle. But if you’re willing to get one, at mResell you can get a brand new 128GB Wifi+Cellular for 1,079 euros.

  • The fun game Romans in my Carpet now costs 0.99 euros (from the 2.99 euros it used to cost).
  • We also have something for those who want to protect their laptop, and in this case it’s a 13-inch MacBook Air case that you can buy from PCComponents for 15.95 euros.
  • We can’t stop visiting Amazon to get a magnetic car mount for the iPhone that will cost you just 7.99 euros.

We hope you liked these offers and start the weekend with one on the way.

“Siri, find me the best bargains.” Hunting for bargains
“Siri, find me the best bargains.” Hunting for bargains