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Siri, Apple Pay, iPad Pro and the iPhone 7: Rumorsfera

We arrive to another Sunday and as always, we take up again our usual Rumorsphere , we are going to see everything that has been cooked in the Apple microcosm. We’ve been quiet for a few weeks now, Apple has already finished the year, now we have to prepare the launch of the iPad Pro and the new Apple TV.

We have a renewal of the iMac range this week and we may miss the Mac Pro getting a facelift in the form of a hardware renewal . But let’s see what’s been going on behind the scenes this week.

  • Apple continues to look for ways to improve Siri. This is the second time in less than a month that Apple has acquired a company clearly related to the development of artificial intelligence. Perceptio is a startup developing an artificial intelligence that would not be so dependent on external servers. Apple is looking for external servers that do not have to handle user information, but that the smartphone itself is capable of giving “an answer”. Perceptio could help this.
  • With eyedrops, we still have movement around Apple Pay. It is now Barclays that could offer Apple Pay to its customers in the UK in early 2016. Let’s see when Apple decides to offer Apple Pay in our country.
  • The Apple Car is an open secret. I’m still not clear whether Apple will ever develop a “pure and simple” car or stay in a mere field of research, as was the case with the Apple TV that brought us an improved Apple TV. But Tesla’s CEO is already talking openly about Apple’s hiring of engineers “fired” by them, although he qualified his words in midweek.
  • Apple could end up increasing the number of songs available on iTunes Match, the current 25,000 could go up to 100,000. So if you have a mega-library, your mattress will expand if you’re an iTunes Match user.
  • Although it’s not a rumor, the truth is that I find the ResearchKit launched by Apple very interesting. Now it looks like there will be studies for autism, epilepsy and melanoma.
  • The iPad Pro and the Apple Pencil are already in the works… This week we saw how it passed the FCC checks, so it’s only a matter of days before we have a release date.
  • Some retailers are starting to offer per-reservations of the next Apple TV. These dealers are marking an availability for early November.
  • Looks like we’ll have the first big OS X update soon, Captain. This one would come to fix some problems with Office for Mac or Mail.
  • Even with the iPhone 6s hot in stores, Apple is already fully focused on the next iPhone, the iPhone 7. Intel has 1000 people working on what will be the LTE chip that will include the device.
Siri, Apple Pay, iPad Pro and the iPhone 7: RumorsferaSiri, Apple Pay, iPad Pro and the iPhone 7: Rumorsfera

So much for our rumor this week.

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