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Siri, all the secrets of the Apple Voice Assistant

A year ago I published the definitive guide to everything you can ask of Siri in iOS 7 , a special divided into five parts covering each and every one of the possibilities of the famous apple voice assistant, which will be the cornerstone of this chapter of our iOS course for beginners and not so beginners anymore.

Siri is light years away from the classic voice dialing systems and is not only capable of doing many more things besides making calls, but does so using natural language that frees us from knowing specific instructions, i.e. you can use your own words . As if this wasn’t enough, Siri is able to recognize a high percentage of the context of a request, so that, for example, if we ask it to read the message we just received, we won’t have to specify to whom it should send a reply. It’s like having a conversation.

You can ask me for directions, check yesterday’s game results or update your Facebook status, all without using anything but your voice. Simply press and hold the start button or hold the unlocked phone to your ear to start talking after a signal. If the latter method does not work, check under Settings> General> Siri that you have activated the option “Raise to talk”.

Note: Siri requires an internet connection to work and is available on iPhone 4s or later, iPad with Retina display, iPad mini and iPod touch (5th generation). The only iOS 7 compatible devices that do not support Voice Assist are iPhone 4 and iPad 2.

Some initial tips

Before I leave you with the complete list of actions you can perform with Siri I want to reassure you that this is only a reference guide that you can read mostly very superficially. You do not need to learn anything by heart and at any time you can ask Siri herself what she is capable of. She will give you examples herself. It’s that easy.

Also, as I mentioned in the previous chapter on contacts, the more information we provide to Siri in our personal file (yes, your own contact in your address book), the more useful it will be. The most important thing is to include in our file the addresses of our home and work so that Siri can remind us of things when we arrive or leave these places, and also to establish the relationship we have with other important contacts in our address book. The quickest way to do this? On the fly directly with Siri.

For example, you can say “Palma is my wife”, “Ana is my mother” or “Miguel is my boss” , but if you want, you can force Siri to ask you by giving her instructions like “Send a message to my girlfriend” or “Call my father-in-law” . If you don’t know any particular relationship, he will ask you the name of the person and after he has located them he will be able to remember them for future occasions.

And now, all you can ask of Siri…

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Siri, all the secrets of the Apple Voice Assistant
Siri, all the secrets of the Apple Voice Assistant