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Siri, a personal assistant in our pocket

After so much excitement with the introduction of iPhone 4S, some have been disappointed, but perhaps they haven’t realized one of Apple’s biggest advances in controlling the iPhone since its release with the inclusion of voice commands. Introducing Siri, your new personal assistant.

What if in the end Let’s talk, iPhone is much more than just making him talk? Imagine asking your iPhone what the weather will be tomorrow , or asking it to wake you up at a certain time the next day. This has finally become a reality with the release of the new iPhone 4S, thanks to its considerable increase in RAM and its new A5 processor. Enough had been said about it, but now it’s real: the personal assistant with voice commands, Siri for friends. From the words of Phill Schiller:

Siri, a personal assistant in our pocket
Siri, a personal assistant in our pocket

We knew about the Apple purchase with Siri when it was part of the App Store as another application, but we still didn’t know how far this speech recognition tool would go. Today, in the keynote, Apple has once again demonstrated what it is capable of with a full phone wizard that allows us to do virtually any action we can think of simply using voice commands . Simply leave the start button pressed and Siri will ask you what you want to do. With one command you can use the Reminders, Messages, Mail, Weather or Phone applications , among others. Simply give the command as if you were giving it to a person, no more robotic commands , Siri will directly recognize your voice and even offer you text dictation.

In addition, has integrated search results into Wikipedia or WolframAlpha , which will allow us to ask our wizard for definitions and complex data.

The only against that it has so far is that only the languages English, French and German have been implemented, but it is in phase beta and soon the languages will be added so that speech recognition will be perfect all over the world. We will still have to wait to see how it works, but if it promises to be like it is , Apple may have reinvented the way to use smartphones, again .

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