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Since the launch of iOS 7, fewer iPhones are stolen

As we know, one of the great new features of iOS 7 for iPhone users was the improvement of Find My iPhone to prevent that in case of theft, the thief could use our iPhone. This is the iPhone activation block, in which even if you restore our phone, when you reactivate it, it will be checked in the Apple servers that it is in lossy mode through the IMEI, and it will not be possible to activate it again until we enter the Apple ID and passwords of its original owner .

This turns our iPhone into a brick, literally in the face of being stolen, and if ours is stolen, besides reporting its search and trying to locate it again, by doing this, we will be sure that even if we have lost our phone, the thief will not be able to do anything with it either .

Since the launch of iOS 7, fewer iPhones are stolen
Since the launch of iOS 7, fewer iPhones are stolen

It is precisely thanks to this new functionality that iPhone thefts have been greatly reduced. Thieves know that in the vast majority of cases, they will not be able to sell or use it as the user will turn it into a useless brick.

In the United States, the New York police say that in the first half of 2014, iPhone thefts have been reduced by 19%, compared to the same period in 2013. In London and San Francisco, this decline has been even greater, with 24% and 38% respectively, also in the same period .

We have no data from Spain, but surely the thefts have been reduced as well. The thieves already know that they have nothing to do, so they’ll be stealing giant phones from Samsung or HTC, which are more attractive to the public, and easier to steal.

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