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SimpleTask, a simple and free GTD


Maybe some of the programs we have commented on at Apple about the GTD or even some blogs like ThinkWasabi’s will help you a little more in that difficult task. In the compilation of those programs today I show you one that I found more than interesting.

SimpleTask, a simple and free GTD
SimpleTask, a simple and free GTD

Its name is SimpleTask , a very simple program with which to create tasks and events at any time and then remember them. Like other programs like it, the purpose is to create a list of tasks and events to be done and then do them .

It has a priority and colored queue to mark the more or less important tasks. The program is able to run constantly from the menu bar and indicate by means of colored icons if we have any pending task.

It also has a iOS-compatible application , which is almost a must for any good GTD tool, although it is not optimized for the iPad. The application is free in its desktop version and costs only 1.59 euros for the iPhone and iPod touch, and it also includes synchronization between both computers and the Mac.

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