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Simplenote and App Store

Simplenote is an easy way to take notes, create task lists, capture ideas and more. Just open the application, write a few lines, and you’re done. As your collection grows, keep it in order with tags and pins, and find what you need with Instant Search. Because Simplenote syncs for free with your devices, your notes are with you every step of the way.

– A simple note-taking experience

Simplenote and App Store
Simplenote and App Store

– Synchronize your data on all your devices

– Collaborate and share content

– Keep the order with labels

– Sign in with your email or account


– Your data is automatically and seamlessly synchronized on any computer, phone or tablet.
– Back up and sync everything while you’re taking notes, so you never lose your content.


– Collaborate and work as a team: share ideas with a colleague or create a shopping list with your roommate.

– Decide if you want to publish your content on the Web and share a link with whoever you want.
– Publish content directly to a WordPress site by signing in to your account.
– Share content quickly and easily with third-party applications.


– Keep order by applying labels and use them to search and sort information quickly.
– Find immediately what you are looking for with the keyword highlighting.

– Use the markup to add formatting.

– Creates to-do lists.
– Choose the order of classification of your notes and labels.
– Set the notes you use the most.
– Edit the labels directly by renaming and reordering them.

– Protect your content with a password.

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Terms of service: https:/simplenote.comterms

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