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SimCity, Sims 3 y Spore para iPhone


They are three video games from a big one, as it is EA , and that has confirmed that three of its jewels, SimCity, The Sims 3 and Spore, will arrive at the App Store in the future, being the official and definitive date of arrival of Spore next Sunday September 7th .

SimCity, Sims 3 y Spore para iPhoneSimCity, Sims 3 y Spore para iPhone

More specific details of the three video games are unknown, except that they will make use of the integrated accelerometer and, of course, the multi-touch screen. About The Sims I think everyone knows how it works, and since there are already mobile versions of this acclaimed video game, its operation will follow the trail of the computer game: handling a family in their daily tasks.

Simcity many of you will also know it. This is a game in which you have to create and maintain a city, from the streets, the buildings, the public transport… the truth is that I think that its implementation for the iPhone will be something different from what we are used to in the PC versions, since a phone doesn’t have the same possibilities as a desktop computer. We will see, but I think there will be some surprises in terms of handling.

And about Spore , possibly the least known of the three. You can read a detailed review in VidaExtra, although I will summarize it here: a creature creator I think is the best definition that can be given.

With Spore you can create from scratch a totally exotic looking individual , perhaps with some resemblance to dinosaurs and totally abnormal beasts. You can see lots of examples of ‘Spore’ on Youtube, many of them totally curious and… striking.

No further details have been given about Spore for the iPhone either, although contrary to what I thought in the Simcity version, it is possible that in the case of Spore it does have a certain resemblance to the computer video game. Basically you make your bug, and then you can interact with it, with graphics that the iPhoneiPod Touch engine should make work without any difficulty.

The final version of Spore for computers (both Windows and MacOS X) will also be available from next Sunday 7th, as we have known for months.

Three games that add up to a large number that EA already has available on the App Store. These are three more examples of how big companies are betting heavily on the Apple platform. I remember, next Sunday we will have the Spore, for a price still unknown. And in the future, both Sims and Simcity, both in iPhone versions .