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SimCity, full availability in Origin for OS X

SimCity (59,95 euros)

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SimCity, full availability in Origin for OS XSimCity, full availability in Origin for OS X

SimCity is now available to all OS X users at the Origin store. It’s been a long time coming, but we’ll finally be able to run our own city from our Mac. An entire city is waiting for someone to take it to the top.

The urban simulator that all OS X users were waiting for has finally arrived in the shops . After the delay announced by EA a few months ago we didn’t see the date when they would definitely launch their acclaimed simulator.

The arrival of SimCity came loaded with problems in the PC version and, it seems, OS X users are not going to get rid of these post-launch problems either . Language errors, installation bugs, incompatibilities with OS X Mavericks betas and other problems. Bugs that little by little the guys at Maxis and Electronic Arts will be fixing to make the experience as little as possible .

Now, from our iMac, we can create the city we’ve always dreamed of and be the ones to make the relevant decisions in it to make our city the most desired, inhabited and visited. Every decision has its consequences, and these, however small will influence the game .

Decide intelligently where to invest , take care of the health of your inhabitants, play with taxes – but don’t overdo it or you will have a citizen’s revolt -, seek balance and the citizens will worship you. In addition, you can participate in global competitions with other players where several titles will be at stake such as the cleanest city, the richest city, the most suitable city to visit among many other decorations.

As for the technical requirements , they are not very high. With a processor Core 2 Duo , 2 GB of RAM, a graphics Intel HD3000 or higher and a version equal to or higher than OS X 10.7 will be enough to move the game. So, any computer from early 2009 onwards will be able to use this great simulator .

The game is available at EA’s official store, Origin at a price of 59.95 euros in its normal version and 79.95 in its Deluxe version – which includes several extra European city packs. The good news is that those users who have purchased the PC version of tixag_12 will be able to use this copy on their Mac with OS X without having to buy another copy. Hours and hours of endless fun await us . Get your act together and take your city to rub shoulders with the world’s greats .