Silicon Valley awaits you

On the west coast of the United States lies a fascinating ecosystem, which is the dream of millions of people. It is not a natural sanctuary, but a valley entirely dedicated to technology: Silicon Valley .

There live together the companies that have influenced our daily life and make developers sigh : Apple, Google, Instagram, Facebook, Tesla, Whatsapp, LinkedIn, Evernote, Twitter, Zinga, Oculus Rift, among others. The main venture capital companies that allow all these companies to flourish: Founder’s Fund, Menlo Ventures, Sequoia Capital… And the most important accelerators such as YCombinator or 500 Startups.

Silicon Valley awaits you
Silicon Valley awaits you

With all the mysticism around him, it’s not impossible to get to Silicon Valley to stay. Achieving a piece of the El Dorado of innovation takes time and effort, but it’s not impossible at all.


Because Silicon Valley and the main countries of technological entrepreneurship suffer from a brutal shortage of developers capable of keeping up with the pace they need, with the wisdom, flexibility and criteria that allow them to take advantage of modern technologies to improve their products and services.

You only need a Google search to see that Software Engineer is among the top 5 highest paid jobs , and Barack Obama himself has taken the time to highlight the importance of programming skills, as by 2020 one million jobs in development will be empty.

All technology companies welcome talent from anywhere in the world, and startups with foreign equipment are approved by investors as an extra guarantee of continuity.

The door is open. Do you want to come in?

The needs of the Valley

Auren Hoffmann, CEO of LiveRamp says that if you want to work with A-Players, you have to be an A-Player.

In this case, it all starts with having a very clear vision about the architecture of a modern application and handling all concepts with ease: Backend, Rest API, MBaaS, Frontend, UX and Mobile Clients.

A complete and updated knowledge will make the difference between a Good Developer and a 10x developer : the professional who masters the main technologies needed to create the products that startups and large companies need today.

In just 2 years the demand for mobile development professionals has tripled, and specifically iOS, Android and HTML5 are leading the way, with an annual salary of up to $160,000.

What to do?

We offer you the way to the best positions in startups and top software companies in the USA or Europe.

The KeepCoding Startup Engineering Master Bootcamp is an intensive programmer training for the development of software for startups. The correct choice and use of technology in this environment largely determines your chances of success, and this training covers all the technologies and tools needed by both large companies and startups worldwide.

Patrick NouhaillerEn Desarrollo para Startups:

Inspired by the Agogé of the Spartan soldiers, it is a unique training in its category, based on intensive practice to achieve mastery of the latest development technologies. 100% focused on Industry . Created to meet the needs of leading companies.


Fernando Rodriguez tells you how the KeepCoding Startup Engineering Master Bootcamp was conceived and how it is structured:

With total success we celebrated the I Edition in March, and in September the Agogé returns to promote developers who want to make a turn in their professional career.

With the KeepCoding Startup Engineering Master Bootcamp, you will learn how to master the architecture of an App, you will also receive training in project management, teamwork tools such as gitHub, and good development practices. Everything with the technologies, languages and frameworks that are in vogue at the moment: Angular.JS, iOS, Android, Python, TDD, Azure and much more.

Business & entrepreneurship tracks

The approach is realistic and pragmatic, therefore, to the programming “Hard Skills” we add sessions on digital entrepreneurship, Lean Startup, investment rounds, Silicon Valley business culture and a fairly complete overview of work visas in the USA and how to get them.

“Blended” model

A teaching model that perfectly combines classroom, distance and online sessions. You can follow it from anywhere in the world.

Great Final Project

You will live the experience of a real development project, applying all the architecture and technologies taught.

Pre-Bootcamp Training

One of the great differentials of KeepCoding Startup Engineering Master Bootcamp . It is results-oriented, and that is why from the moment you book your place, students start a personalized coaching to warm up engines, refresh concepts and respond to the high level of the Bootcamp.

Informative Webinar June 16 at 21.30h:

Fernando Rodriguez will explain in detail everything about the KeepCoding Startup Engineering Master Bootcamp in an open webinar via YouTube. You will be able to ask live questions and find out about all the advantages that await you.

Register at this link to receive all the information.

And if you have specific questions about the KeepCoding Startup Engineering Master Bootcamp, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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