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Signs that Apple is developing a car

It was always one of the great purposes and dreams of Steve Jobs, founder and father of Apple, to give it a facelift and reinvent the automotive industry . The reason Steve always wanted to do this, is just like the iPhone, revolutionize and make a world apart , light years away from the one we all know.

Many experts and workers at Apple know very well that the project of building and developing a car is in a saved corner or transformed into some kind of car software application . Having said all this, the director of Apple, between 1999 and 2015, Mickey Drexler, was still convinced that Steve Jobs had dreamed of making this great change for the industry and for Apple.

Signs that Apple is developing a car
Signs that Apple is developing a car

It was all laughs, until one day, a team of about 1000 people, consisting of Apple workers and researchers, got together to secretly develop the famous “Project Titan” . This started to spread the rumor that the company owned a secret car testing lab in Silicon Valley, south of San Francisco Bay, California, very close to its headquarters.

The idea and concept of the Apple vehicle is being developed by a manufacturer of autonomous cars, called Magna Steyr . This project has been slowed down by a number of bumps in technology and money. There are many indications that this project had to be cancelled ,while even more evidence indicates that Apple is working on it and as we well know, when Applese proposes something, he gets it, however difficult it may be.

It is no news to anyone that Apple is one of the richest companies in the world today, which means that, as we have said above, financial problems would not be an obstacle to Cupertino. It seems that Apple is consciously thinking of entering other worlds , such as the automobile market, and this would be nothing new, since they have already made the great leap from making computers to mobiles, with exactly the same purpose as now, to change the form of the first thing that comes to mind when we hear the word car .

Clearly, Apple’s next goal must be bigger, a larger market than the one it now dominates with an iron fist, in which, in 2016, it meant a global value of around 430 billion dollars . Many analysts are saying that the autonomous car market will reach the impressive figure of 2,600 billion dollars by the year 2030 , for this there are 13 years left, 13, exactly the same number of years that the first iPhone has today.

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