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Sign up for these bargains for your new iPhone. Bargain hunting “S” version

Friday, October 9th and the iPhone has already reached the shelves of stores in Spain and Mexico, among other countries in the second wave. But that also means that it’s time to check out a few bargains in our weekly special. What do you think about joining this important date to find the best deals on the net?

  • We start with a very complete article about mobile rates and prices of the iPhone 6s in the different operators in Spain. The article has been written by our colleagues at Xataka Móvil and is designed for those who want to get hold of the terminal and use it on Yoigo, Movistar, Orange, Vodafone and Amena operators.
  • Now that you’re clear on how you’re going to get your new iPhone 6s, it’s time to think about whether you need to protect it. In Macníficos they have four Belkin Classic Folio cases for both sizes and in dark blue and black. All of them are available for 9.99 euros.
  • We also have this hard case, transparent and with rubber edge at Amazon for 12.99 euros for 4.7 inch iPhone 6 6s. Of the same size and also transparent is this one from JETech for 6.95 euros. Their respective versions for the iPhone 6 6s Plus model are here and here.
  • Before you pounce on the apple brand’s silicone and leather covers, you’d better take a look at these bargains. They’re official Apple products and are priced lower than the company’s own website. For the iPhone 6 6s: silicone and leather. For the iPhone 6 6s Plus: silicone and leather. Note that some colors are cheaper than others.
  • Bargains have come to iOS apps as well. Here’s Purify, one of the blockers that have emerged in the wake of iOS 9. Now for 0.99 euros instead of the regular 1.99.
  • The arrival of the new iPhone means that we will have more affordable the previous generation. At mResell we have a 64GB iPhone 6 for 669 euros, as well as a 128GB iPhone 6 Plus for 799 euros.
  • Launch Center Pro, the app that speeds up iPhone use thanks to its customizable shortcuts, is available for 2.99 euros. 40% less than the usual 4.99.
  • It’s time to take a look at what games have seen a sale lately. You can try to find your way out of the Balance HD maze for free, experience the adventures of the Broken Age graphic adventure for 4.99 euros (normal price 6.99) and participate in the Line the Game line race for only 0.99 euros, two euros less than its regular price.
  • Doesn’t anybody think about the Mac? Well, here’s a 12-inch MacBook protective enclosure for when you need extra security when you’re on the go.
  • And they couldn’t miss the vinyl for MacBooks. The atom symbol for all sizes, Batman, a Banksy panda and the mythical Iron Man for 13 and 15 inches. All for less than 10 euros.
  • SSDs are a true classic of our bargain hunting. Every time I look at one for a white MacBook they get cheaper. Like this one from Kingston 120GB for 46.70 euros or the popular Samsung 850 EVO 250GB and 89 euros.
  • Cazando gangas.

    Kingston SSDNow V300 – Disco duro interno con capacidad de 120 GB (2,5 pulgadas, SATA 3.0)

    Hoy en amazon por 115,19 €

    Adhesivo BATMAN con un símbolo que se ilumina en mac

    Hoy en amazon por 6,90 €

    iPhone 6S Plus
    We’ve also found software for the Mac. Tweetbot has dropped to £9.99 from £12.99. iThoughtsX is a mind map with an original price of £47.99 which has dropped to £0.99. iTaskTimer is a timer for those who use the pomodoro method, now it’s free.

  • Now that the iPad Air 2 has the famous iOS 9 multitasking, you can’t pass up this mResell offer on its 16GB model with LTE connectivity for 439 euros.

In Apple 6 Plus Case – Ringke FUSION *** New Shock Absorption Technology Clear Glass TPU Bumper, premium drop protection. Hard Rear [Scratch Resistant, with Touch Activation Technology – EcoDIY Package

Sign up for these bargains for your new iPhone. Bargain hunting “S” version
Sign up for these bargains for your new iPhone. Bargain hunting “S” version

Today in amazon for 9,99

Apple MGXW2ZMA – Silicone Case for Apple iPhone 6 Plus

Today on amazon for 0,00 ¤

Apple MGQV2ZMA – Leather Case for Apple iPhone 6 Plus

Today on amazon for 12,34 ¤

Banksy Panda Vinyl Sticker for Macbook (Macbook 13 inches or Macbook 15 inches) Guitar Sorting

Today in amazon for 7.00

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