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Shumuri Slim Extra, now camera protection in the thinnest iPhone case

Shumuri Slim Extra Case

The discussion about whether to carry the iPhone on the air or to wear it protected goes through personal tastes or the way of using it, at least until the extra thin cases appeared, like the proposal of Shumuri that we reviewed a few days ago.

Shumuri Slim Extra, now camera protection in the thinnest iPhone case
Shumuri Slim Extra, now camera protection in the thinnest iPhone case

The difference with the rest is that it tries to be a case for those who don’t want a case on their phone: we’re talking about a cover of about 0.35 mm that protects all sides and angles of the iPhone 5, 5c, 6 and 6 Plus, right up to the edge where the screen begins.

It is not a protection against impacts: buyers of this case will understand that with this thickness the case is only a barrier against scratches or small slips . This is the price you have to pay to enjoy the design of your phone almost completely, although for many people, it is more than enough. After several days of testing, the material did not deteriorate so they are useful for those who are just looking for some protection.

New “extra” version with camera protection

One of the drawbacks of these thin cases was evident in the design of the iPhone 6: the camera protrusion protruded through the opening of the case and did not protect it properly. Some of you reading our article already found the solution: they should match the thickness in the camera area to improve the safety of the lens.

In Shumuri it seems that they also took note and have presented a new version of the Slim case, the Slim Extra that you can see in the images, identical in everything to the previous one but with an edge that protects the lens of the camera when we support it on a flat surface. In hand it is exactly the same as the previous one: quality in construction, perfect correspondence between the design of the iPhone and the case.

With this small improvement in the camera, the brand has also presented new colors and shades that you can see in the pictures. If you are looking for a discreet case that matches the design of your iPhone and is not too expensive, you can buy the extra Slim for $21.99 ( about 19 euros in exchange ), giving a color tone to your phones.

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