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ShowStoppers, the curiosities of the pre-MWC19 event

ShowStoppers is a curious event that precedes the big technology fairs and congresses. It is based on the idea of presenting the products directly from the creators to the journalists , in a relaxed format, with the device or service ready to be used. The format of the event is based on a type of elevator-pitch table by table, and also on speed: advertisers only need to be there a couple of hours before the event, which lasts another three.

To have the weight of all the world’s press that goes to MWC19 at least one day before, is its main objective. The atmosphere is very informal, of course completely free and has some catering to make the conversations more enjoyable. Not only does it take place before the MWC19, it is also present at important technology fairs such as the CES in Las Vegas or the IFA in Berlin .

ShowStoppers, the curiosities of the pre-MWC19 event
ShowStoppers, the curiosities of the pre-MWC19 event


The idea is quite good for companies that don’t have much budget to invest in advertising yet, or for those start-ups that need a face-to-face to better explain their product directly to the press. As in other years, I have had the opportunity to visit it, looking for products or curiosities related to the Apple world , although this year it has been smaller than in other occasions.

The first thing that calls our attention is the increase in security solutions for applications and services, not to be used by the end customer directly, but for companies to integrate them into their software. Without doubt, the news of the latest data privacy damages has made the ideas in this sense grow.

Though not as many as on other occasions, there were a few curious accessories. For example, the toothbrush with artificial intelligence by Oral-B , which connects to the phone app and is able to identify our way of brushing and recommend changes or areas to pay special attention. Earlier versions of the Genius required the phone to focus on you while you brush, but this GeniusX does it all from the device itself.

There were also other more curious devices such as a MysteryVibe adult toy that allows you to adjust the vibration or even customize it from an app as well ( at the moment you don’t need artificial intelligence for this ). If after so much fatigue you want to rest a bit, a new umay product will rest your eyes and reduce eye strain by mixing heat or cold in the form of “glasses” ( they call it “thermal meditation”, and it seems to be a scientifically proven relaxing process )

The augmented reality was also present from Vuzix’s hand, with two special glasses that connect to the phone to display any kind of notice, such as an AR instruction manual or indications depending on where we are looking or what program we are using. They have two models, one more “corporate” for companies, the Vuzix M300 – focused on operators or technicians – and another more thought for the day to day called Vuzix Blade ( with a less industrial appearance ).

As a mobility solution for cities, a new type of smart wheel for bike sharing designed for smart-cities integrators : has its own app that measures parameters not only of distance or speed, but also environmental, pollution or even radiation – precisely the product has been developed in Fukushima and can help authorities to detect radiation peaks as users use these bikes, as the information is all stored in the cloud anonymously. This is all financed by an ingenious system of LEDs on the wheels that displays advertising while it is being used.

On a software level, we would like to highlight the presence of Hopper, an app that has been on the market for some time and that detects through artificial intelligence patterns decreases in the price of flights and hotels to travel cheaper. Parallels also had a presence at the Showstoppers, updating us on version 14 of its popular virtualization software for Mac with Mojave support and new tools for the professional market.

Tomorrow is the official kick-off of the MWC19 and it is where we will certainly see more new apps, services and accessories at the premier trade show for the mobile world. At Apple, we will bring you first-hand all the news related to the Apple ecosystem that we find there.

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