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Should Apple abandon the Mac and focus on the iPad?

Although Apple will not abandon it in the short (or medium) term, I think that Apple should think about the future of the Mac . A falling market, where profits are stagnating and the growing push of the iPad raises questions about the company’s first star device.

Mac or no Mac, that’s (the first) question

For me, an iPad should not be a team focused on the professional world. Despite my thoughts, Apple thinks the opposite and I must admit that little by little, they are convincing me.

Should Apple abandon the Mac and focus on the iPad?
Should Apple abandon the Mac and focus on the iPad?

Introducing iMac 2017

The computer market is stagnant, the proof of which is the latest MacBook Pro. Let’s not lie, I love the MacBook Pro with or without the Touch Bar. However, there is nothing that surprises me about this device. Progress is always focused on the same thing. Processor, memory, resolution … but this is not unique to Apple. All other manufacturers follow the same path, except for the design of the Mac. Perhaps the design and the Touch Bar itself are the only things different from Macs (or maybe not).

For those of you who don’t already know about the Touch Bar, it’s a screen built into the top of the keyboard of the latest generation of MacBook Pro. This display gives you quicker access to features. I must even admit that the option of being able to configure it is a big step on the part of Apple. It is appreciated but is it enough, I think not.

Touch Bar on MacBook Pro Cover

If this is true, why do we still sell Macs or PCs and can’t replace them, the answer is not easy, but the developers and software of the iPad could change the current reality of the Mac.

iPad is starting to replace Macs, but not for everyone

Being an iPad lover allows you to see the possibilities of such a device. iPad has many advantages over a Mac. They’re more portable, lighter, and better than the overrated ability to place our iPad in any position. In other words, working on an iPad is like working on a versatile sheet of paper .

From everything I said before, I think it’s time for Apple to react. It’s time to abandon the Mac, or at least the way we use it today. The most basic version of the MacBook Pro costs (in Spain) about 1,700 euros , this is twice as much as the iPad Pro, pointing out that it has almost the same screen ratio. Although Apple sells it separately, if we buy the official iPad keyboard and the Apple Pencil, we are talking about a saving of more than 500 euros compared to the basic MacBook Pro.

iPad Pro with your Apple Pencil

The big problem with replacing a Mac with an iPad is the software and applications. iOS 11 is a pretty big step for the iPad, a road where there’s still a lot of work to be done. However, this road is beginning to have walkers (more and more). An iPad doesn’t have the same processing power as a Mac, but many people don’t need it. A high percentage of users use their Mac to read, play content, manage photos and documents and little else . Yes, I know. Not everyone is the same, there are people who because of their work, hobby, etc. need applications that are not yet on the iPad or simply can not squeeze them to the maximum as on a Mac.

A problem that could be solved in a short time. If iOS continues on the path of convergence with macOS, it will be a matter of years before we see 100% professional applications adapted to tablets. Currently, much of the blame for the fact that the iPad cannot replace the Mac lies with the developers. There are developers who haven’t been able (or haven’t wanted) to get the most out of the Apple tablet.

New File App for iPad with iOS 11. Source: Apple

Perhaps some data such as the latest accessories of the brand allow to develop other types of functions until now unthinkable in the iPad. Or that a comparison between the A10 Fusion and the MacBook CPU by John Gruber stated that both processors were almost on par with each other in terms of performance. Or that the iPad battery can stand up to the MacBook battery (not to mention possible extra-life sleeves for our computers). All of which may be the trigger for developers to change their minds. It’s only with the help of developers that you can reach the quotas that Apple has reached today. Maybe the Mac depends on them, too.

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