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Shooting begins on the new Steve Jobs Biopic

The time has finally come! After a long time looking for the actors to bring the characters to life, one of the main reasons that led Sony Pictures to sell the rights to Universal Studios, we can say that has already started the shooting of the new biographical film about the great genius Steve Jobs .

Leonardo DiCaprio or Christian Bale have been some of the options to give life to Steve Jobs, but will finally be Michael Fassbender, an actor who sounds with great force in Hollywood lately . He is known for great movies like “Prometheus”, “12 Years of Slavery” or “X-Men: Days of the Future Past”.

Shooting begins on the new Steve Jobs Biopic
Shooting begins on the new Steve Jobs Biopic

At first, rumours were that Universal Estudios would start shooting Jobs’ biopic in the spring of 2015 , but it seems that they have been moved up a few weeks. Specifically, the film crew has begun preparing the location of the garage of the former Apple CEO’s childhood home in Los Altos, California , as shown in the images that accompany this news item.

Lights, camera… Action!

This garage located in Los Altos was not only part of Jobs’ childhood, but years later, specifically in 1976, it became the place where he created Apple together with partner Steve Wozniak . The film, written by Aaron Sorkin and directed by Danny Boyle, will also have other locations in San Jose and other places in the Sillicon Valley, as well as Berkeley.

As we have already told on other occasions, Jobs’ film will revolve around three key moments in Apple’s history . These are three product launches that marked a before and after in the history of the apple company, which are included in the biography of Steve Jobs written by Walter Isaacson and published in 2011. Specifically, it will show the previous moments lived in the backstage of the arrival of the first Mac in 1984, the presentation of NeXT in 1988 and the launch of the first iPod in 2001 .

Jobs, who was at the forefront of creating such great products as the iPod, iPhone and iPad, was a very popular and important figure during the years he was at the helm of Apple . A popularity that has not diminished after his death in 2011 from cancer, but rather the opposite, the interest in his figure has grown.

Today there are several books and films about his life , but perhaps the most complete biography is the one written by Isaacson, who had the opportunity to interview on several occasions with Steve Jobs, with his closest friends and some colleagues.

What other actors will be part of the biopic on Steve Jobs?

This new biopic about Steve Jobs is the second film about the former Apple CEO after his death. The previous one is entitled “Jobs” and stars Ashton Kutcher, who bears a strong physical resemblance to the executive when he was young, and Josh Gad as Wozniak. But who will bring the characters of this new film to life?

The new film about Steve Jobs’ life has faced several problems, mainly in finding the actors for the production. Sony Pictures had been working since 2011, when it took over the rights to the biography written by Isaacson shortly after the death of the former Apple CEO, but at the end of last year it abandoned the project, leaving it in the hands of Universal.

From CNET they point out that this new film will feature Michael Fassbender and Seth Rogen to play Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, respectively. Kate Winslet would have been chosen as the “female lead”, who could be Laurene Powell Jobs, the executive’s wife, while Jeff Daniels will play the role of John Sculley, former CEO of Apple.

Do you want to see this biopic about Jobs?

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