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Sharp could manufacture the iPhone’s OLED screens

In the new year, most rumours are about the future of the Cupertino terminal. Many have been the rumors that have been leaked over the past few weeks. But the big question is: Who will manufacture the OLED screens?

Sharp and Foxconn possible candidates

According to the latest data, Sharp could be the one chosen to manufacture these screens, specifically in one of the huge Foxconn factories in the well-known Chinese town of Zhengzhou.

Sharp could manufacture the iPhone’s OLED screens
Sharp could manufacture the iPhone’s OLED screens

The agreement could be extended until 2018 or 2019 . If Sharp finally carries out this task, we would be looking at one of the largest productions by this company. In addition, the firm’s investments could easily reach 864 million dollars . Without a doubt, this is a more than positive investment for Apple’s potential supplier.

Will Sharp finally be the company of choice?

Today there are many companies dedicated to the manufacture of OLED screens . Without going any further, Samsung heads the list in this sector, as it is responsible for manufacturing around 90 percent of all OLED panels.

On the other hand, LG could be a good alternative for Apple, as some rumours suggest that Apple is developing new flexible OLED panels .

It should be noted that there have been many disputes about who will be in charge of manufacturing the screens for the Californian device.

One of the most accurate rumors we know of the next terminal of the Californians, is that there will only be a model with this technology , being able to put an end to all devices with IPS type screen.

There is still a lot to learn about the company’s next iPhone, although one of the clear aspects that the next version of Cupertino’s flagship product will surely incorporate is the OLED screen .

However, nowadays almost all brands incorporate this technology, providing the terminal with great improvements in colour and contrast .

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