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Sharing your iPhone or iPad audio with two AirPods on iOS 13 and iPadOS

Last week Apple presented iOS 13 with many new features, the most important being a separation with the iPad which from now on will have its own system: iPadOS. We have gone through all the secrets of iOS 13 finding more than 100 new features and hidden functions and there is no doubt that Apple has made a great effort.

One of the new features of iOS 13 is the ability to share audio with two different pairs of AirPdos, meaning that you can listen to a song or movie two people at once with their own AirPods . This is a very interesting function that will be useful on many occasions.

Sharing your iPhone or iPad audio with two AirPods on iOS 13 and iPadOS
Sharing your iPhone or iPad audio with two AirPods on iOS 13 and iPadOS

This new feature is not compatible with all devices that have iOS 13 and iPadOS installed , it seems that pre-Iphone 8, 1st generation iPad Pro, iPad 2017 and iPad Air 2 and mini 4 are not supported. What is confirmed is that it works with AirPods and PowerBeats Pro.

One of the star features of the AirPods is their ease of linking to our iPhone or iPad . Once they link to one of your devices they will be linked to all of them, and by simply opening and closing the case they will connect and disconnect themselves.

There are two ways to use this new function called Share Audio :

  • The first one is the simplest of all, very Apple style, you just have to bring a device in which you have some AirPods close to the device in which the music or video is being played on other AirPods. A poster will appear asking you if you want to share the audio.
  • The second option is a little more complex and we will have to go to Settings . Once there, we press the button on the case of the second AirPods we want to pair and wait for them to appear on the list. Both AirPos will appear in the AirPlay options.

That’s how easy it is to use two AirPods with your iPhone or iPad, you simply need iOS 13 or iPadOS and one of the compatible devices above. Remember, you can install iOS 13 right now on your devices and use these many other new features, so don’t miss out on our first impressions of both iOS 13 and iPadOS to learn all about Apple’s new operating systems.