Share text with AirDrop and Drafts in iOS 7

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Share text with AirDrop and Drafts in iOS 7
Share text with AirDrop and Drafts in iOS 7

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Here’s a simple trick to help you quickly share text between iOS 7 devices with AirDrop and the Drafts application. Simply type the text you want from Drafts, hit share, select AirDrop and the recipient. Easy, simple and faster than Bluetooth because it uses Wi-Fi for file transfer.

Today we bring you a very simple trick for sharing text between iOS devices with the latest version of the Apple mobile operating system installed, thanks to AirDrop, one of the newest features of iOS 7. AirDrop is a long-standing utility on our Macs that has now made the leap to mobile devices as well.

For this trick we will need to have installed the Drafts application in our iOS device, utility that we will use to send text through AirDrop. The best thing is that for the recipient to receive our text it is not necessary to have the Drafts application , only a terminal with AirDrop.

To share the text we want via AirDrop we simply have to click on the Share Drafts option and choose AirDrop in the window that will appear. We will select the desired recipient from the list and at that moment, the owner of the other terminal will have to accept the sending of the text. Once received, we will open it with our favorite application, Evernote, Dropbox, the iOS 7 native Notes application…

In this way we can quickly and easily share everything from a paragraph with a small article that we want a colleague to read to a whole book without the need for cables or complicated settings. This is the magic of AirDrop, a system that combines Bluetooth -to detect the device to which to send the file- with Wi-Fi -used to send the document-. In this way, the transfer of files, which can be from videos, photos, documents to any type of file, runs faster than the traditional Bluetooh, although it depends on the network in which we are.

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