Share music recommendations from Shazam in iOS 10 messages

Since its release in 2008 Shazam has become a useful and essential application for music fans . So far it has been renewed to offer a complete experience, beyond identifying the name and author of the song being played.

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Thanks to the integration of Shazam into iOS via Siri and its latest update, iPhone and iPad users will now be able to use Shazam in iOS 10 messages.

Share music recommendations from Shazam in iOS 10 messages
Share music recommendations from Shazam in iOS 10 messages

From now on, every time you hear an unknown song and want to send it to a friend, you just have to open Shazam in the conversation with that person to automatically identify and share it. To enjoy these features, you must have the latest version of iOS 10 on your iPhone or iPad. Then you must activate the application in the messages with the icon that identifies it. After this process you will be ready to share the benefits of Shazam without leaving the message app.

Shazam presents the song information to the contact , showing the album cover, the name of the artist and the option to preview the content. If the recipient does not have Shazam installed, the message redirects them to the App Store.

Clearly this update allows us to save time and immediately share our musical discoveries. Something more than one does often.

Multi-platform services

This update denotes Shazam’s desire to remain the leading application of its kind. Surely, we will soon see other alternatives that will increase its demand, as it happened with the function that allowed us to store searches without Internet connection.

If you are not yet familiar with the benefits of Shazam for iOS 10 we invite you to leave that club by downloading the application below.

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