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Shape Collage, shaping our own collages

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Shape Collage is a simple but powerful application for photo collage creation with which we can achieve extraordinary results with just a few clicks. We drag the folder of images we want to use (even if it has subfolders), we define the shape and size we want them to take, we preview the result and that’s it, we have a professional collage at the resolution we want.

As its name indicates, the most interesting aspect of the application is its ability to mold the shape of the collage to adapt it to the one we want, to choose from the already established ones (rectangle, heart or circle), a certain text or a personalized shape that we draw directly.

Shape Collage, shaping our own collages
Shape Collage, shaping our own collages

The application costs 25 dollars ( 18 euros ) and while we can use it in its free version (at the cost of living with a small watermark which is stamped on the final image) the Pro version (or said in other words, the paid version) not only removes this mark but also adds the ability to export the collages in PSD format with layers so that we can move, rotate or rearrange the photos as we please using Photoshop or GIMP.


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