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Several Components appear in New Images

New images show various components of the future iPhone 6

As the days go by we see how we are getting closer to the day of the presentation of the future iPhone 6. The most certain thing is that the next version of the Apple smartphone will see the light of day in September and the rumours and leaks are more and more numerous and sound stronger. The latest to appear on the web are some images showing various components that would be part of the new terminals such as the True Tone flash, the Home button, the volume buttons, the screen or the SIM card tray, among others.

These images, filtered through the ElekWorld website, make it even more evident that the arrival of the terminal is just around the corner. Moreover, the fact that components of the two models appear suggests that Apple will finally present both versions on the same day , even if they will be released separately.

Several Components appear in New Images
Several Components appear in New Images

One of the components that has called our attention the most is the True Tone flash, which would suffer a redesign with respect to the one integrated in the 5s . As we can see in the image, the flash would stop being elongated and would go back to being round, although it would have the technology premiered in the current model.

What other components of iPhone 6 appear in the images?

But this is not the only component that has been shown in these images. As we have said before, there are also other parts that would be part of the 4.7 and 5.5 inch model such as the volume buttons, the Home button, the vibration motor , the 4.7 inch front panel or the speaker, among others.

According to previous rumours, the smartphone 6 will be made of aluminium, bringing with it a new design with rounded edges and a very thin thickness . On the other hand, it should be noted that the power button will be on the right side of the device to facilitate its use with one hand and the volume buttons will be lengthened.

Another component to be changed would be the battery, which could increase its capacity to 2,100mAh and 2,915mAh respectively , although other rumours suggest that it would be 1,810mAh.

Regarding the screen, a report published this week states that the 5.5-inch panel could have Super Retina technology with a density of 461 dpi .

New images would confirm iPhone 6 colors

On the other hand, the French website NowhereElse has published other images of the Touch ID and the SIM tray in which would confirm the three colours in which the device would be available : silver, space grey and gold.

Apple would not make any changes in this aspect with respect to the 5s, although since 9to5Mac they comment that for the color space grey they could use a slightly lighter tone . On the other hand, they emphasize that the size of some of these components would have changed, surely to be able to adapt everything in the new internal disposition of the 6.

If everything goes according to plan, the new model will be released on September 9 and will go on sale two weeks later . Furthermore, the latest rumours suggest that the iWatch could accompany the iPhone 6 in the Keynote presentation.

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Important update:

It is OFFICIAL : The iPhone 6 will be presented in a Keynote on September 9th