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Seven things we know about the car Apple had in mind to make

Our colleagues at Xataka have reflected this: Apple has decided to put plans to build its own car in the freezer . Instead they will just create their own autonomous driving system, with which they want to have an ace up their sleeve for future alliances with car manufacturers if the opportunity arises.

The decision must not have been easy, because according to Bloomberg it would have involved the relocation or dismissal of hundreds of employees and the appointment of a new leader in that now more humble project. Apple reserves the option of resurrecting that car later, but for now we are left without it. What we can do to console ourselves is to remember everything we know , so we can keep an image of what Tim Cook had in mind.

No keys: we would have opened it with a fingerprint

Seven things we know about the car Apple had in mind to makeSeven things we know about the car Apple had in mind to make

Business Insider tells us how Apple had the dream of removing the keys in the same way that Steve Jobs made a face of disgust by defenestrating the stylus . We would open our car with our finger, something we never lose.

Semi-autonomous at first, autonomous later

Apple’s agenda with its own car would have been very similar to that of other companies: start with a semi-autonomous vehicle and, as the technology advances and the legislation allows, evolve towards a car that takes us from one point to another with the simple push of a button .

No fumes: 100% electric

With all the rumours about hiring and collaborating with South Korean battery companies, it was quite clear that Apple’s car was going to be all-electric . The Tesla would have had interesting competition.

He would have had his own network of chargers

Last May we knew that Apple was considering building a network of chargers for its car. What’s more, these chargers could have been wireless . It remains to be seen, but in about four years charger networks like Tesla’s should become commonplace.

The competition I would have had would have been very tough

Since we heard the rumors about an “Apple Car” we started to hear some not too friendly reactions from the current car manufacturers. A year ago we saw a Ford executive criticizing all electric cars , although these are selling more and more. However, for Elon Musk the Apple car would not have been a competitor. And Mercedes-Benz even showed fear.

Its design would have been far from what many imagine

The Apple Car would not be a saloon car with a sober or sporty air, as is the case with the Tesla: the imagined designs were more like something more friendly and spacious , the size of a minivan and looking like a 1957 Fiat Multipla.

It would be manufactured by Magna, the managers of some BMWs

Michael Hicks

I suppose these negotiations have been put on hold until today.

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