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Seven days with (almost) unlimited data rate on the iPhone

For many, the iPhone is one of the most important devices in our daily lives. It’s always there when we need it, ready for anything. From consulting social networks and being more productive when we are away from a Mac to distracting us in the supermarket queue or on public transport.

The iPhone is, more than any other computer product, a must have. In my experience, one of the great limitations of this terminal and smartphones in general, is the amount of data we have contracted. Today is the seventh day since I changed my operator to another one with an unlimited rate. Or almost. In all this time, so has changed the use I give to my iPhone .

An operator for life

Seven days with (almost) unlimited data rate on the iPhoneSeven days with (almost) unlimited data rate on the iPhone

With the exception of a brief flirtation with a competitor, he had spent most of his life with one of the big telephone operators in Spain. They say the touch makes the affection. There were many frictions, but as time goes by one ends up identifying with his company. Or at least, one becomes indifferent.

That relationship has its maximum expression in the permanencies. Mobile renewals in exchange for a promise to continue with the telephone company for 24 months, under penalty in the event of early termination of the agreement. My commitment ended more than four years ago, at which point I decided to buy a free iPhone.

The idea was to have the possibility to change the operator to get better conditions in the rate was an attractive idea. The truth is that both by counteroffers of the operator and by mistakes of the new company, at the end I kept more time than I thought with the option I had all my life. But that was over a week ago.

The vertigo of change

Staying in the same company was comfortable. You were sure that, being one of the big ones, the service was going to be good. The high-speed data coverage on my iPhone was the main advantage. But over time, other smaller operators have caught up and provided decent coverage in major cities.

Changing operators generates doubts and anxiety. You have to overcome uncertainty before taking the step

This, together with the fact that in the last twelve months I have exceeded the monthly data limit several times , decided the balance of change. My use of my iPhone outside of a WiFi network was increasing, staying outdoors several times during my stay in Canada. In this country, mobile rates are already expensive enough to pay more for a handful of additional megabytes .

On my return to Spain I decided to change the operator. The opportunity presented itself with the re-launch of a fare marketed as “infinite”. Actually it was not, but the amount of gigs available each month made it almost a synonym. The change of operator generated many doubts : will I have the same coverage; will they give a good service; and what if I make a mistake and lose my seniority to move on to something worse?

In the end, the change made me dizzy. But for reasons I didn’t expect.

A brand new iPhone

iPhone 6s, análisis: la magia de lo efectivo.

It’s only been seven days since the portability became effective and I can already say that it’s like having a new iPhone. I have rediscovered what this device is capable of while my use has changed radically. I no longer have that fear of running out of space and having to surf at limited speed for the rest of the month.

Removing the restriction of the monthly data limit, our use of the iPhone changes radically

In the meantime I have consumed more than one and a half gigabytes, which would translate into about six at the end of the month. Although I am convinced that as the days go by consumption will accelerate . This is how I have modified my iPhone habit:

  • I used to value being able to check Twitter and Facebook and avoid automatic video playback. By activating this functionality you get a more immersive experience in social networks.
  • Some months when I expected to exceed the data limit I came to use Onavo-type traffic compressors. These have always given me problems with navigation speed and terminal heating. Never again.
  • I have activated the WiFi Support functionality, which caused problems for so many users because of the consumption of their data. Now that limit is so high that I can benefit from much better home surfing in areas of poorer ADSL coverage.
  • WhatsApp videos and photos download automatically, regardless of whether you are on a 4G network. Previously I had to carefully select what I wanted to watch at any given time or wait until I got to a WiFi network to watch it, missing the thread of the conversation.
  • I share more photos and videos with my family and friends, as well as upload them in high definition on social networks.
  • The “bubble” of pending updates on the iPhone App Store is invisible to me. By activating their download both in WiFi and with data, I always have the apps updated.
  • Sometimes I turn off the WiFi connection on the iPhone simply because it goes faster with the data network.

In short, all the restrictions I had until a few days ago have been blown away . The consumption of videos on Youtube has increased considerably, and you can start watching chapters and movies on Netflix anywhere. Having this data rate has changed the way I use my iPhone forever.

Consuming more data speeds up battery consumption, reducing the autonomy of our terminal

Although he hasn’t come without his own drawbacks. Battery life suffers the more you navigate with 4G and using it to do more doubles the pressure in this section . The iPhone 5s which has been my faithful companion for over two years now has a battery with over 800 charge cycles, and has yet to last until the next generation of the iPhone.

Despite this, if there is one thing I have learned during these days it is that you can never have enough gigs of data. In the end, the use we give to the iPhone ends up adapting to the new limits .

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