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Setting up Private Browsing in iOS Safari 7

The new iOS 7 has given a new look to virtually all native applications of the system. The Safari browser is no exception and has been revamped as well. With this revamp, we may have lost sight of some features that we once knew exactly where to put them. Today we’re going to focus on private browsing .

The Christmas holidays are approaching and we certainly want to buy a gift for our partner, children, relatives, etc. A very good option to look for gifts is to use the Internet, and a very good option to browse is to use our iPad. But what happens if the tablet is shared? That other users will be able to see what web pages I have been surfing, thus crushing the possible surprise. To avoid this we can activate the Private Browsing .

Setting up Safari Private Browsing on iOS 7

Setting up Private Browsing in iOS Safari 7
Setting up Private Browsing in iOS Safari 7

Entering Safari’s private browsing is really easy. When you open your browser, if you don’t have a web page, the first thing you’ll see is a screen with icons of your favourite websites. On this screen, at the bottom left, there is a blue link that says “Private Browser” .

When you press it will remain marked and the top of the screen will turn dark grey . This indicates that we are navigating privately. If we want to disable private browsing we only need to press the same button again. What happens if I don’t get the “Private browsing” button? Let’s look at it.

The first thing that can happen is that we have a website restriction set up. To see this we can go to Settings -> General -> Restrictions . If the Safari switch is set to “Off”, then private browsing will not be possible.

Even if the Safari switch is in the “On” position we can still have restrictions . If you have the password to access this section, you can download it and select the “Websites” section under “Allowed Content”. Here we have 3 options: All Websites, Limit Adult Content and Only Certain Websites. If we have any of the last two options activated, we will not be able to access private browsing.

Finally, another option why we can’t see private browsing at the bottom is because, as they explain in Padgadget, we may not have any bookmarks set up yet. We must at least have a website added as a bookmark to see this option. To add a site we’ll just need to touch the icon that has an arrow on the top left when we’re on the website we want to add and click on “Favourite”.

By clicking on it, a screen will appear where we can put the description of the site, the web address, the icon and the location where we want to save the page. Once decided, we click on “Save”.

With this little configuration now you should be able to browse privately to find your Christmas presents from the iPad or to go to any other website you don’t want anyone to see. What do you think?