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Setting an alarm on your HomePod

You may have just purchased a HomePod recently and are still unaware of many of its features. Or maybe you’ve had your Apple speaker for a while but haven’t yet realized some of these features such as the ability to use your HomePod as an alarm clock or as a reminder with its alarms. In this post we tell you how you can configure these alarms.

Overall, the HomePod may not be the best smart speaker on the market. This is mainly due to the need for improvements to your Siri assistant, at least in Spanish. However, it is one of the most appreciated devices by users because of its tremendous sound quality. This loudspeaker has become the centerpiece of many homes that are gradually being domotized with other intelligent accessories such as light bulbs or curtains that are connected to it through HomeKit.

Setting an alarm on your HomePod
Setting an alarm on your HomePod

However, in its most basic functions we find a very interesting one like setting up alarms. This can be very useful to overcome morning laziness, since you will have to get up yes or yes to stop the alarm unless you have the HomePod on your bedside table. It is also useful as a reminder so that when it sounds you remember a task you have to do. In any case, we will tell you how to set these alarms.

  • Through voice with the already mythical command “Oye Siri” and accompanying it with the phrase “set an alarm for X hour” or “set an alarm for X minutes/hours”.
  • From your iPhone, iPad or Mac with the Home app, press the HomePod and go to the Alarm Button, press the ‘+’ button and set the time you want the alarm to go off.

To stop the alarm, press the top of the HomePod . Once you have done this the alarm will have stopped completely and will not repeat unless you have programmed it to sound daily or several days a week. You can also choose the sound you want to play through the speaker.

Unlike iPhone alarms, these will not play on the Apple Watch. Therefore, if you have an Apple watch, you should take this into account if you are used to having the watch serve as an alarm clock as well. On the iPhone, this alarm will not sound either, regardless of whether it has been set in the Home app. Finally, alarms that you set on your iPhone from Clock will not sound on your HomePod either.

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