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Set your iPhone to warn you when you’re within a mile of home

10 trucos y funciones escondidas del iPhone para usuarios avanzados

Como vemos crear una notificación de tu posición en el iPhone es algo bastante sencillo que se puede realizar de forma nativa desde las apps que tenemos instaladas en iOS, no deberemos descargar nada de la App Store que pueda poner en peligro nuestra privacidad al darle acceso a nuestra localización. La app Recordatorios de Apple se encarga de que estos datos permanezcan privados y no se compartirán con nadie.

Set your iPhone to warn you when you’re within a mile of home
Set your iPhone to warn you when you’re within a mile of home

Parece que poco a poco vamos saliendo de esta difícil situación, pero las medidas de precaución que se han establecido deben cumplirse para evitar nuevos contagios y brotes del coronavirus. Gracias a este pequeño truco podrás respetar la distancia establecida para dar paseos en España y, ya de paso, has descubierto cómo crear recordatorios basados en nuestra ubicación .

We are living through some very difficult weeks due to the pandemic generated by COVID-19 in most countries of the world and we have been forced to stay in our homes and go out only for the essentials. However, if you live in Spain, you will know that these confinement measures will gradually be relaxed . If you have children you can go out for a walk with them, maintaining all the safety restrictions, and it is likely that within a week we will all be able to go out for short walks.

However, the condition to avoid overcrowding is that we will have to be within a radius of 1 kilometer around our house. It may be that calculating that Km distance is not easy at first sight, but fortunately we have our iPhone and we can configure it to warn us when we reach the limit of 1 Km from our house marked by the Government, and thus avoid possible sanctions.

For some time now the iPhone has been able to remind us of what we want when we arrive or leave a particular location, the app Reminders has been improved a lot with the passage of iOS updates and is able to do a lot for us, one of those functions can be very useful now.

From the Reminders app we can easily set up, in just a few minutes , a reminder for when we are exactly one kilometre away from home . To do this and set it up correctly just follow these steps:

  • Open the Reminders app on your iPhone.
  • Click on Today and, below, on New Reminder.
  • Give it any name you want, for example: “Watch out! You are 1 km from home”
  • Now click on the “i” in a circle next to the name of the reminder.
  • If you know the day you are going out you can select it, although in Repeat you can put Every day.
  • Click on Location and select your home location, which is probably your current location.
  • On the map below you will see a circle, click on the black dot and zoom in to 1km.
  • Mind your own business! Now click on Exit to reverse the “forbidden” zone.
  • Click on Details and Ok at the top, and your reminder will be set.

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