Set up your account on your iOS device


And it’s not a bad idea if they want to make sure they can use your name on a service that is sure to be a lot of talk. Admittedly, Microsoft has been hitting the jackpot lately, with some more than others, and Outlook is a clear example.

Set up your account on your iOS device
Set up your account on your iOS device

The new email service, which our Genbeta colleagues told us about in a complete analysis and even compared to Gmail, is an improvement in design, much more minimalist, and with improvements that were missing in Hotmail. But let’s go to what interests us, how to configure our account on our iOS device .

The steps are simple as it is virtually identical to the process for adding a Hotmail account. Open the iOS Settings and go to Mail, Contacts, and Calendars .

  • We tap on Add account
  • Select Hotmail, enter your Outlook account and press next
  • There you go. Now we just have to select what we want it to synchronize or not.

If by chance the Hotmail option does not appear, depending on the iOS version, we selected Microsoft Exchange . Now we perform the same steps and when the server asks us to enter, although it should detect it automatically.

And yes, to finish the curl, you have some problem you can always use the manual setting by selecting Other. There you’ll need to enter the incoming mail server and the outgoing mail server

This also applies to Mail on OS X . You go to the System Preferences Panel and under Mail, Contacts and Calendars you enter your data. Now let’s see how the service is progressing and whether you’ll be able to take Gmail down. At the moment I still have my Google account but I won’t lose sight of it. And you?

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