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SEO:Walkie-Talkie, the new “Voice Mail” for the Apple Watch

With the new version of the watchOS 5, Apple included a quite interesting new function to communicate with our contacts with just one tap, this new function is Walkie-Talkie .

Waltie-Talkie works in a very simple way, where its only purpose is to communicate by voice ” point to point ” with our acquaintances in real time and with a quite acceptable audio quality.

SEO:Walkie-Talkie, the new “Voice Mail” for the Apple Watch
SEO:Walkie-Talkie, the new “Voice Mail” for the Apple Watch

The communication is done through the application itself, as long as our contacts accept our application. If they do, we will have the opportunity to send them voice messages on an unlimited basis . Please note that audio messages are not saved, as they can be in Apple Messages.

Walkie-Talkie is a new way to send voice messages

The Apple Watch is gradually including new functions that make it an all-in-one device, no longer a simple intelligent clock that receives notifications but a clock with many useful functions in everyday life.

The flashlight function is one of them, something simple and practical that we can activate from the control center. Now with Walkie-Talkie, the Apple Watch offers another small function that can be very useful for users.

How to send audios through the Apple Watch

To send and receive audio messages in real time, we have to follow the following steps:

  • Open the Walkie-Talkie app
  • Select a contact
  • Send an application
  • When it is accepted, click on the contact and hold down the button
  • Start talking and release the button to have the message sent automatically

Our recipient will hear the messages in real time and we will be able to reply to them once they have finished their audio. Communication can become really fluid, avoiding the use of instant messaging applications for this purpose.

Walkie-Talkie is simple but effective, fulfilling its function perfectly. Its usefulness lies in avoiding voice calls for short and instant messages and cutting out the steps to send the audios. This function is only included in the Apple Watch from version watchOS 5, released a few days ago.

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We have been testing Walkie-Talkie for a long time , it is true that the first few minutes it did not link to the recipients, but soon after, the connection was quite stable, running smoothly on both LTE and a WiFi connection.

We used the Apple Watch in various positions and distances to check the audio quality . By placing the Apple Watch on the waist while walking, we found a lot of white noise in the background, but the message was understood without much difficulty.

Have you tried this new function? What do you think?