“Sent from my iPhone” Why do we sign emails like that?

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The signature of the email comes by default on the iPhone and usually remains on most of those who don’t worry about deleting it. Or they just don’t know how to do it, although the latter are the least of them. Apple included this signature with a double reason : one logical and evident, to advertise the terminal taking advantage of the sending of emails, and another more useful, to remind the recipient that he was writing from a mobile.

“Sent from my iPhone” Why do we sign emails like that?
“Sent from my iPhone” Why do we sign emails like that?

This “Sent from my iPhone, sorry for the brevity” has, however, much more scope than we might initially think, and in fact, some experts consider that this apparently innocent signature has unwittingly created the pillars of the netiquette in the mobile world.

Three types of users

Why has the firm survived all these years? We will remember that its journey began ten years ago, with the launch of the original iPhone, and has remained unchanged since then. And we could categorize its users into three main groups:

  • Those who do not know how to remove it: Okay, it is not the most common but surely in your environment you will know someone (parents, grandparents …) for whom entering the configuration of the mail seems atomic engineering. This group of ‘clueless’ people continue to use it without really being aware of it.
  • Those who want to make it clear that they write from a mobile phone: This may be the largest and most rational group of users. And for a good reason: when you write an email from your mobile phone, the auto-corrector can play tricks on you, or simply by rushing, communications are shorter. If the recipient knows that it has been written from a mobile, they will be much more understanding. And in fact there are studies that confirm the latter.

If the recipient knows that it was written from a mobile phone, they will be much more sympathetic

  • Those who want to tell everyone that they have an iPhone: For some users, the Apple mobile impregnates a status to its owner that some take advantage of to breastfeed. The firm reminds us that, indeed, we have an iPhone.

The impact of the firm

But the truth is that beyond the anecdotes, this heading at the end of the mails has left a deeper mark than we thought throughout these years, and we talk about psychological factors . Another in-depth study analysed the impact of receiving an email that includes this signature in two scenarios: with spelling mistakes and without them.

The first ones are received with tolerance to them, as we have already commented, while the second ones, and here comes the surprise, are valued positively . In the end, we appreciate the effort to write a text on the mobile without mistakes and with time. What user profile do you consider yourself to be?

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