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Sending New Message Effects in iOS 10

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Now, Messages offers all kinds of functionality: Stickers, GIFs, rich links, App Store integration, chat effects, full screen effects, emojification, digital touch , and much more. Discover what’s new in Messages in iOS 10.

Sending New Message Effects in iOS 10
Sending New Message Effects in iOS 10

Among all the new features in the revamped iOS 10 Messages app are conversation effects . Would you like to learn how to send them?

In this tutorial we will explain, step by step, how to send messages with special effects in the chat snacks and full screen thanks to the iOS 10 Messages application.

Sandwich effects

1. Opens the Messages application.

2. Write the message you want in the conversation.

3. Press and hold the send button.

4. 4 options for sending your message will appear.

5. Select the one you want and send the message.

Background effects

1. Opens the iOS Messages app 10.

2. Write a message in the text field.

3. Press and hold the send button.

4. At the top, press “Background”.

5. Select the full screen effect you want to send by sliding your finger over the screen to your left.

6. Press the arrow button again to send… And that’s it!

Don’t the effects work?

If your device has iOS 10 installed and the chat and background effects in the Messages application still do not work properly, you should go to Settings> Accessibility and disable the “Reduce Motion” feature .

What do you think about the new iOS 10 Messages app? Which of the features in the revamped Messages app is your favorite? Share this article on social networks and remember to express your opinion in the comments section at the bottom of this post. Thanks for participating!


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