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SENA Ultraslim Case for iPhone 3G

Probably one of the first accessories we all bought for our iPhones was a case to safely carry the device in. Personally, I am not a big fan of permanent cases, as they break a bit with the aesthetics and usability of the iPhone.

For a long time, I have used iSocks , Apple’s “socks” originally designed for iPods but which have gradually served almost anything that fits in them: mobiles, the Apple Remote… even the Mighty Mouse. Of course, the iPhone didn’t escape the iSocks craze and was a good choice: lightweight , with very good quality materials that don’t age when washed…

SENA Ultraslim Case for iPhone 3G
SENA Ultraslim Case for iPhone 3G

However, if we look for another type of cover, a little more “serious”, with high quality materials , we must go a little further. Salva told you a few days ago about Proporta’s offer in this field, which is really nice and handy.

I was looking for something even thinner , which was hardly noticeable when you carried your iPhone in your trouser or jacket pocket: and I found the prestigious SENA brand cases , made of Italian nappa leather and with exquisite finishes ( our reader Jordi42 also told us about them in the comments on Salva’s post ). Let’s analyze it in detail and I’ll tell you my impressions of the two weeks of use I’ve had with it and my iPhone 3G ( is also compatible with the first generation iPhone ) .

The iPhone slides smoothly into the case, even though it takes a while to “adjust” to the shape of the iPhone. This makes both products, after a few days of use, fit perfectly, achieving a perfect fit to each of the iPhone’s shapes, without losing a millimetre of space between the device and the skin:

The inside of the case is covered with a velvety material that will “clean” the entire surface of the iPhone every time it is inserted into it:

The iPhone, once protected inside the SENA Ultraslim , just “fattens” its wingspan and does not stick out on either side:

The top part is more open on the sides to make it easy for us to remove the iPhone. We can also remove it by “pinching” the base of the case, which will prevent the skin from being deformed in the area of the opening.

As I already mentioned, having the interior covered with a soft fabric it is easy to take out the iPhone , although it is tight enough so that it doesn’t fall out “accidentally”.

At the bottom there are holes so that the sounds coming out of the iPhone’s built-in speakers can be heard. Thanks to this idea, we’ll be able to hear the ring tone or message, or our favourite music, without having to take it out.

The case is hand-stitched with high quality stitching , robust and durable appearance.

SENA Cases

There are no decorative elements that stick out from nowhere – like the buckle on the Proporta Maya, for example. Only the SENA logo embedded in the front. This austerity and simplicity of form makes extremely comfortable to carry in any pocket, bag or rucksack.

My conclusion after about 15 days with her is that she is an excellent choice to accompany our iPhones in everyday life. It’s light and easy to carry, but strong enough to protect the device from minor bumps or scratches. During the two weeks I have been using it, has not deteriorated in the slightest.

All my tests have been done with my current iPhone 3G, although I have also tested it with a first generation iPhone and it is used without problems, adjusting itself accordingly. The side volume buttons ( in both models ) can be pressed over the case, you don’t need to take the iPhone out for that.

A great, beautiful, light and resistant case: available in thirteen colors from the official website in the USA ( you will benefit from the low price of the dollar ) but you can also buy it at the Apple Store online for 29.95

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