Selfies in portrait mode now available on Facebook Messenger

The portrait effect of the iPhone that blurs the background leaving the person or object being photographed as the protagonist arrived with the iPhone 7 Plus and continued with the 8 Plus, X, XS and XR. However, you can only use an iPhone X, XS, and XR to take portrait selections, at least officially.

The latest update to Facebook Messenger implements a new feature in its camera that will allow even iPhones that do not have this functionality as standard to make selections with a blurred background .

Selfies in portrait mode now available on Facebook Messenger
Selfies in portrait mode now available on Facebook Messenger

There is no doubt that photography is in fashion and that is why the first thing you usually look at when buying a new smartphone is the features of the camera and especially if the device you want to buy is an iPhone as it has always boasted the best on the market.

While it is true that in recent years Apple’s competitors are making things very difficult for them by making very powerful cameras, Cupertino’s competitors have not given up that ground. In the latest iPhone models presented by the company -the X, XS, XS Max and XR- a great functionality in the front camera stands out and that is that it is capable of taking pictures in portrait mode to make the selfies much more artistic than in older models.

The impossibility of doing portrait mode selfies on older iPhones is often frustrating for users but thanks to applications like Facebook Messenger you can get that functionality and is that the mentioned app includes in its latest update that possibility.

Before Facebook Messenger there were already other third party applications such as Instagram which have long incorporated into their camera function the ability to take pictures in portrait mode, either with the back or front camera. Although it has to be said that photos taken with the portrait effect do not have the same quality on iPhones that do not have it as standard, the truth is that is quite similar and serves to allow carriers of older devices to enjoy this functionality as well.

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So if you don’t have the possibility to make selfies in portrait mode on your iPhone we recommend you update Facebook Messenger or download it if you don’t have it yet because in addition to the mentioned functionality the last update of the app includes other remarkable improvements.

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