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Seleccion Xombit Games – Jugando a The Passenger

Here we are another week to show you what our colleagues from our sister blog, Xombit Games, have brought us. This time we are going to show you an adventure made in Spain that can be interesting, because of its hand painted sets and the melancholic music, totally according to the game. After the jump you have the analysis.

Welcome one more week to this section in which our sister blog Xombit Games recommends us some interesting games for our iOS devices. In this occasion they bring us a Spanish style graphic adventure that really looks very good, at least at first sight. Next we analyze it.


Seleccion Xombit Games – Jugando a The Passenger
Seleccion Xombit Games – Jugando a The Passenger

Practically non-existent at first, although you pick up portions of it as you play the game and pass levels. Apparently our protagonist has lost his memory, and is travelling through his memories on a train (hence the name) trying to remember. Each level we pass is a part of his memory that we manage to recover.


Really hard at work. All the settings and characters are hand-drawn, and the artwork is exceptional. It’s true that we could expect a little more reality in the movements, but personally I give a “B” to the designers because they have managed to amaze me with their work.


You completely relaxed. It perfectly accompanies the approach of the game: a melancholic story added to a sad and paused music. The set is nice, although sometimes a little slow, but is there any game of this style that is not slow from time to time?


Typical of these games: you click on a part of the screen and the character moves there. You drag the objects to where they should be used and little else, like the old games point and click that George Lucas used so much in his adventures. That simplicity of use gives it an added value, which makes it possible for anyone to enjoy the game without learning to handle it.

Personal opinion

A simple game where you can relax for a few minutes while you try to solve their puzzles. The duration is not too much, since you have practically finished it in a couple of hours, but for those times when you have to wait, spending one or two levels will be a good entertainment. One thing I don’t like is that it has very little intro , and the intro doesn’t explain much of what you’re going to find in the game, but that doesn’t make it difficult for you to quickly start playing and get into the rhythm.

If you like graphic adventures you should not stop trying it, especially now that you have it for free in the Apple Store, at least at the time of describing this article. If you are more into shooting games and unbridled action, I recommend you don’t even download it, because it won’t take long to delete it again.

I also have to say that this game is a clear example that, although we are in the era of 3D, not all games have to be developed with that technology, or have heart attack graphics. Simple games, with simple yet original graphics, and a good finish can make a mediocre game great.

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