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Sega to launch Crazy Taxi for iOS this October

Sega has always been considered one of the best video game manufacturers in the world and its incursion into the Apple ecosystem has allowed the Japanese company to reach both nostalgic and new old bestsellers such as Sonic and Virtua Tennis, a pair of aces that will be joined this month by a new classic: Crazy Taxi. A game full of adrenaline, speed and madness called to occupy a little corner in the heart of the most playful users.

The years go by and one changes habits and hobbies, but if there is one thing I remember with pleasure from my not so distant childhood it is my love for video games. In those years it was common to go and spend the afternoon in the village arcade and I remember that games like Pang or Metal Slug created a furor among the youngest. Really entertaining games but far from monopolizing the fun and frenetic rhythm that radiated from a game known as Crazy Taxi .

Sega to launch Crazy Taxi for iOS this OctoberSega to launch Crazy Taxi for iOS this October

I’m sure many of you will be nostalgic when you remember those crazy races along the Californian coast, doing a thousand and one crazy things to make your customers happy; nostalgia that will turn into excitement when you know that Sega will bring the first title of the Crazy Taxi saga to iOS this very month .

For those of you who don’t know the game, your mission will consist of picking up clients and taking them to their chosen destination , which could be a real stupid thing if it weren’t for the fact that the time you have available will be scarce and the score you get will depend on how fast you are behind the wheel and the tricks or crazy things you can do on the road.

The eleven-second teaser created by the Japanese company doesn’t give rise to anything, so let’s whet our appetites with a small video of what was and will surely be the version they will register on the App Store :

Crazy Taxi, a driving game with a dizzying speed that promises hours and hours of fun and madness , ingredients that are sure to place it among the most downloaded games from the world’s largest app store.

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