See All Siri News on iOS 9

Last year with iOS 8 Apple introduced new features to Siri, but the American company is still working on improving its voice assistant. With the arrival of iOS 9, it has become clear that Siri is a bit smarter and faster than before.

Siri, Apple’s virtual voice assistant, came along with the iPhone 4S and has been gradually improving ever since. However, it was not until iOS 8 that the company made more significant changes to the virtual assistant.

See All Siri News on iOS 9
See All Siri News on iOS 9

As promised, Apple has made Siri faster and more accurate on iOS 9. From now on Siri is no longer a simple assistant that answers questions and is able to anticipate the user , for example, by recommending things to do depending on the use of the device. Do you want to know what’s new on Siri in iOS 9? Keep reading!

Creating reminders

In iOS 9 you can ask Siri to remind you of something you need to do. For example, you can ask her to remind you to read an article or an email later. The wizard will automatically create the reminder in the Reminders app and alert you with a notification at a later time.

Find a contact

To do this you need to have the contacts in the new Find Friends app. If they are there, you can find them by asking Siri.

Plays Apple Music

In iOS 9 Siri is able to control the user’s personal music library as well as Apple Music songs. So you can ask the wizard to play a song you want or a selection of hits, for example, among other things.

Search photos easily

If you want to see some pictures taken in a specific place or date you can do it from Siri with iOS 9.

So, you can ask the assistant to show you photos from a specific date and place.

More complete sports information

In iOS 8, sports scores were already available, but now in iOS 9 Siri displays more information. For example, in a football match it will not only tell you the result but also who scored the goals or the stadium where the game was played.

Unit Converter

You want to convert a quantity from one unit to another? Ask Siri! The iOS 9 Voice Assistant is capable of converting units, a very useful feature that will save you from having to search for a converter in your browser or have an application just for that.

Mathematical operations

In addition to converting Siri units to iOS 9 it is also capable of doing mathematical operations. However, if you want to do more complex operations with parentheses you should do it from Search.

Suggested contacts and applications

Depending on the time of day and where you are, Siri will show you various suggestions for contacts, applications and more. A very interesting function for which you do not need to use a voice command.

Siri, what does this word mean?

Finally, in iOS 9 Siri is able to tell you the meaning or definition of any word you say to it through a voice command.

As you can see, Siri brings many new features to iOS 9 . However, we hope that Apple will continue to improve its virtual voice assistant, as it can be used even more.

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