Secure your iPhone and iPad with a Robust Unlock Code

iOS 10.2: las Copias de Seguridad de iTunes son 1.000 Veces Más Seguras

1) Ve a Ajustes> Touch ID y código

Secure your iPhone and iPad with a Robust Unlock Code
Secure your iPhone and iPad with a Robust Unlock Code

2) Tendrás que escribir tu código de 4 cifras actual para acceder.

3) Desplázate hasta Cambiar código y escribe de nuevo tu código actual.

4) Te aparecerán seis espacios para rellenar con un nuevo código de desbloqueo de 6 cifras, que puede complicarse mucho más al pulsar Opciones de código — ampliando las opciones a alfanumérico personalizado, numérico personalizado o el tradicional de 4 cifras –.

5) Selecciona la opción que más te guste, teniendo en cuenta que los niveles de seguridad son por orden decreciente: alfanumérico personalizado> numérico personalizado> código de 6 cifras> código de 4 cifras .

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From the iPhone 5S model, Apple users can combine their security code with fingerprints thanks to Touch 3D technology . Of course, there are few methods that are more secure than our fingerprints, although the numerical unlocking code is always used as an alternative in case of any unforeseen event, such as the fingerprint reader integrated in the Home button no longer working. But regardless of this wonderful technology, some users are still reluctant to record their fingerprints and still opt for the reliable, classic number code.

The numerical unlocking code is a reliable protection and security technology that acts as a first barrier against the incursion attempts by an intruder, although we cannot forget that they are simply 4 spaces that can be filled in with the ten digits that go from 0 to 9. Knowing the possibilities of getting it right consists of a very simple mathematical problem of probability that is quick to solve.

However, Apple decided to make this simple mathematical problem more difficult in the development of its iOS 9 by allowing it to go from 4 to 6 characters and even with a custom alphanumeric code , something much safer as there are more options regarding its length and the characters available. Yes, of course, it will also be more complicated to remember but you can use it in the pattern style. Want to know how to move to a much more secure unlocking code? Here we go!

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